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Ingrown Toenails
Swollen, red, painful ingrown toenail.

What Causes Ingrown Toenails?

• Improper toenail trimming – cutting nails too short or too rounded can cause the nail to grow into the skin

• Tight shoes or socks – can put pressure on the toes, causing the nail to grow into the skin

• Improper foot hygiene – if feet are not washed and dried properly, the skin can become irritated and prone to infection

• Injury or trauma – can cause the nail to grow into the skin

How to Avoid Getting Ingrown Toenails:

• Trim toenails straight across, not rounded. Pay particular attention to not cutting the edges down to the very end

• Wear properly fitting socks and shoes

• Wash and dry feet daily

• Avoid activities that may cause trauma to the feet

How to Treat Ingrown Toenails at Home:

• Soak the foot in warm water with Epsom salt at least once daily

• Gently lift the edge of the nail and place a small piece of cotton underneath

• Wear wide, comfortable shoes

• Use antibiotic cream or ointment to reduce infection

• If you still have pain, redness and swelling despite doing all of the above or have severe symptoms at any time, medical attention will be necessary

Soak foot in bath with Epsom salts for 15-20 minutes. Credit:

How Ingrown Toenails are Removed:

• Anesthetic is used to numb the toe so the procedure is not painful

• The portion of the nail that is ingrown is removed

• Removing the nail’s matrix (the tissue that produces the nail) on the edge is performed using a chemical to prevent the nail from growing back

If you think you need to have your ingrown toenail treated, call Bay Mobile Urgent Care for in-home treatment and skip the long wait in the ER.

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