Bay Mobile Urgent Care

concierge urgent care service in your own home from your local ER doctor.

About Us

Your Healthcare Team

Healthcare has become so difficult to navigate. Even if you do not have a doctor we will help you with your immediate care needs as well as with the next steps in your care plan.

Get Better... Fast

BMC is a mobile care service only, so we come to you. To save you all the time and hassle, we have no permanent clinic. Our ER physicians will address your Acute Care needs during our visit and diagnose and treat what ails you in order to get you back on your feet to feeling like you again. 

Our Mission

We are here to accelerate self-directed care interventions for minor illnesses & injuries so all people can receive high-quality, immediate care interventions whenever and wherever it is needed. 


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Skin/soft tissue conditions

Cuts, Lacerations & Abrasions Nailbed injury/Crush injury Cellulitis

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Orthopedic injuries

Sports-related injuries Dislocations and fractures Sprains and strains

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Neurologic and psychiatric conditions

Vertigo/dizziness Migraine headaches Fatigue Anxiety/Panic Attacks Depression Insomnia

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Respiratory, eye, nose, ear & mouth conditions

Exacerbations of Asthma/COPD/Cough/Bronchitis Pneumonia COVID-19 and Flu testing,

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Minor trauma

Falls at home/care facility Head injury without loss

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GI conditions

Food poisoning Vomiting Diarrhea Constipation Abdominal pain Hemorrhoids


Emily A

“Bay Mobile Urgent Care is a moms best friend. There is nothing more daunting than going to the ER just to have to wait for hours and hope that you’ll get a doctor who will take the time to diagnosis issues correctly. Bay Mobile has alleviated that stress for my family and I can’t speak highly enough of the care received by Dr. Schraga. From the comfort of our home, my very active 13 year old was assessed for a broken arm and got much needed stitches. On a separate occasion, I was treated for dehydration after days of being sick and not having the energy to go to ER. I wish I had called Bay Mobile sooner! It will be my go- to from now on for sure.”

Libby K

“Dr.Schraga came to see my elderly mother for awful bedsores when we were desperate for help. Since she is debilitated getting her to the hospital is a nightmare and takes everything out of her. Since he started coming to care for her she has improved dramatically and doing much better. I don’t know what we would have done without him.”

Insurance Information

Note that we are NOT contracted with Medi-Cal. We are not contracted with or take private insurance but can help you to submit a claim directly with your provider.

Fees for home visits start at $695/visit.

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